Horses. Healing. Hope.

HORSES.HEALING.HOPE. is an innovative emotional and spiritual healing experience for breast cancer survivors, designed by Amy,  after her own victory over breast cancer.


HHH offers breast cancer survivors the opportunity to take their next steps forward toward healing and hope. Designed to meet women at the end of their treatment cycle and the beginning of their new normal, HHH offers the following:

  • Custom equine-based program designed to connect women, horses, and a personal walk with Christ throughout the various stages of recovery.
  • Facilitation team including program developer / author / breast cancer survivor, Certified Equine Specialists, and of course, horses!
  • This is NOT a riding program. Riding is an option for last session.
  • 7 Weekly Sessions, two hours each
  • Limited to 4-6 participants in each session


Not all our time is spent working with the horses. Each session involves unique interactive reflection moments symbolic to our lives…past, present, and of course, our future!

Breaking the mold of support or therapy groups completely, our HORSES.HEALING.HOPE. program includes the following benefits:

  • Self awareness and acceptance – identify YOUR needs
  • Opportunity to identify areas of ongoing physical, spiritual or emotional struggles
  • Time in a peaceful atmosphere for reflection
  • Encouragement in a pursuit to grow in faith
  • Opportunity to experience Christ, hope, and continued healing in a unique way that opens doors to growth you might never thought possible.
  • Opportunities to join groups for continued, on-going spiritual, emotional and social connection.

Contact us for information about our next scheduled HHH session.

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