Angel Reach and the Made4More Outpost

Angel Reach and the Made4More Outpost – Pilot Overview
“The Outpost Experience” by Amy

The idea of the Outpost Experience began with my own love and desire to connect with people in need while being surrounded by nature. Having had a strong connection with Angel Reach (an outreach ministry to young adults aging out of the foster care system) over the past several years, the concept of the M4M Outpost gradually came together. Over the past few months, basic plans were made to invite small groups of Angel Reach clients to visit a horse ranch over 6-8 weeks for 7-14 hours per week. During this time, the participants experienced a variety of experiential activities with a small number of outside helpers, each using their God-given interests coupled with a true desire given by the Spirit of God to not only impart wisdom, but also more importantly to love these young adults freely in what I call the Outpost Experience.

It is my prayer that the time spent together draws everyone into a deeper sense of community, love, and true-life as Christ intended for those choosing to step out in faith and see what He wants to do through the weeks spent together at The Outpost Experience.

The Outpost Experience pilot:

  • Provides young adults of Angel Reach with consistent, real life, hands on experiences designed to better equip them to face workplace, educational and relational challenges and become more independent and productive members of society.
  • Allows these young people to develop self worth and see that they are precious and invaluable in God’s eyes.
  • Provides tools and education to help them discover their strengths and grow and mature in healthy ways – emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Measures and assesses the impact of time spent and activities as the program progresses in order to best meet the needs of the participants. Grants will be written over time to aid in the desired growth and continuation of the Outpost Experience.

The Outpost Experience provides young adults a comfortable environment close to the Angel Reach community in Conroe, yet far enough away to offer an “escape” from the worries and troubles of their unique day-to-day life. They discover a safe and accepting environment with adults who exhibit love for them, share life with them, and prove they are invested in them beyond the traditional therapy-office environment, allowing deeper, more significant healing to occur, which will lead to more successful members of society going forward.

All Outpost activities, including EAL (Equine Assisted Learning – a proven empowering process for people dealing with personal, work or school stress, life transitions, grief and loss, relationships, communication and general daily life), have a stated goal to develop the “whole person,” addressing past wounds and initiating healing from the inside out. By addressing the inside pain (e.g. abandonment issues, shame, fear, anger), the outside actions (e.g. ability to commit and follow through, anger management, communication skills) can function as originally intended by God to help become healthy, functioning members of society.

There is a gentle theme throughout the program of focusing participants on the Truth of God’s Love for each of us, regardless of the appearance of our circumstances. As general discussions evolve, our hope is to bring this Truth to the forefront of everyone’s lives.

We are currently in the process of raising awareness and expanding The Outpost experience, along with the other M4M offerings, at Healing Ranch – our dream of a permanent home for all of M4M. To learn more, click on the Healing Ranch picture on the homepage.