The Rain

Some years ago, Houston experienced a terrible drought.  I don’t actually recall how long we went without rain, but I recall that we had record heat in the midst of that season of no rain. What made me think about this was that I was looking back through my journal the other day, and I […]


I have been waiting for that unmistakable urge or need to post something that I think just has to be written down. So much flowing that I just have to get it out…. but it just won’t come. Of course, considering all that we have going on right now with the relaunch of Made for […]

Finding Time or Making Time

Time for journaling comes easier when you have no choice but to rest your body as poison wrecks havoc on cancer cells. The mere fact that the cancer is now gone and life keeps going has provided little time to just sit and reflect like I once did. Maybe I should say I have not […]

When Change IS the Plan

I can find myself caught in a downward spiral of worry, fear, and outright frenziness when my plate is heaped with a multitude of change. Seems there is always change in life, but if I allow myself, I can struggle with change perhaps more than I should. But while struggles work to get a hold […]

A Bit of the Blues

Is it just me, or does it seem like this day has had a grey cloud fixed overhead on what I know has been a beautiful sunny day in Houston, anyway? It’s that feeling of being so hopeful and set on something different just over the horizon then having the wind sucked from your sails […]

The Warmth of the Sun and Son

Almost always get my inspiration from nature and my walks with good ol’ Tess. It’s another warm day around these parts of Texas. I used to say hot, now 90 is warm. Oh how a little experience can change your perspective.  As I was about finished with my walk and came out of the woods […]

Long over due…so was the walk today

There hasn’t been much time to post.  Hasn’t been a priority, actually.  Today felt like a bit of fall and after a much needed HARD rain yesterday, the squirrels were running about on the wooded trail as if on an Easter egg dash.  Nuts must have fallen after the rain and I couldn’t bare to […]


When HORSES-HEALING-HOPE went from a nudging to reach out to breast cancer survivors in a unique way through the use of horses and nature while sharing Christ’s love at the same time, to an actual full fledged program, I felt God smiling. I know He felt me smiling too. It was a process of a […]

Back in the Saddle

It has been way too long since I have posted anything.  I don’t have a real good excuse either, other than feeling so busy with life, the ministry activities and actually trying to get the original cancer blog into a format we can publish.  I have been very uneasy about this recently.  I feel very […]

Just Touching Base…AGAIN!

Wow, I am not good at keeping so many balls in the air but I am THRILLED to report that I am not blogging much because God keeps opening doors.  Working through the brain fog that is continuing to lift each day has been great and it is getting us out with people more and […]